Someone must be to blame

Given how many people have voted for UKIP I have looked at their methodology and decided to copy it.

1) They paint a picture of when life was so much better. When you could leave your doors unlocked etc etc. Summers were warmer too.

I have chosen September 16th 1960.

That was when life worked well. We need to return to those days.

2) You need to highlight when things got worse. There must have been a change. Something that happened.

I have chosen September 17th 1960 after all everything was good on the 16th.

3) Then you find a minority to blame. There were about 1500 people born on 17th Sept 1960 in the UK. Given that this is when it all changes it must be their fault.

I would reckon that at least 800 must still be alive.

We need to find them and send them back where they came from. That will solve everything.

Hang on a minute! I have just remembered that I was born on September 17th 1960. I am a good upstanding member of the community. I can't be the problem.

Come to think about it the 17th September was a good day back then.

New plan - all the problems are caused by those born in 18th September 1960.

Round them up. It's time for change.

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