John Piper using a Titanic Iceberg to Sink Egalitarianism

In a recent, Tweet Pastor John Piper (@johnpiper), made the following comment:

'When the Titanic sank 20% of the men and 74% of the women survived. That profound virtue was not nurtured by egalitarianism.'

I could comment on the ludicrous nature of his logic or the lack of sensitivity in using the death of so many people as a parable for his theology. But I won't.

I was trying to think of a theological argument to make but I feel weary by the very fact that he feels comfortable reducing the complementarian/egalitarian debate to the construction of such a feeble argument.

If I, a fully signed up egalitarian, were to adopt a similar approach to that of Pastor Piper, I might be tempted to make the following observation:

If women had been allowed into key positions in the Titanic project I wonder whether:

- They might not have felt the testosterone filled need to call it 'unsinkable'.

- They might not have tried to push the ship too fast to prove how good they were.

- They may not have even hit an iceberg.

But I wouldn't make these points because they have nothing to do with either the sinking of the Titanic or the frailties of the Complementarian position.

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