Can we question God?

Questioning God

I have been struck by a particular sentiment that seems to be coming from the Calvinist camp in the recent argument over Rob Bell's book.

It seems that we human beings are not allowed to question God. I suppose if you consider humanity to be totally depraved then it probably stands to reason that the God of the universe doesn't owe us anything.

Until that is you consider the self revelation of God as Father. In this respect the creator God has offered a relationship to his creatures that allows for communication within the household.

If God wanted us to think that he was just a distant creator who had remained outside of creation itself then any attempt at raising a question or two would be futile.

If, however, this God has indicated that he sees his creative role as that of a parent producing children it could be thought that he has a responsibility to that which he has birthed.

It's difficult to imagine respecting any parent who would consider that they owe their offspring nothing. Quite the reverse in fact.

God, in his self revelation as Father, has declared himself to be responsible in his love for his children.

In this respect our exploration of this relationship should contain questions that allow for God's revelation to flow through.

Following this thought I would want to answer that God does have a responsibility towards us and we are allowed to ask even the hardest of questions.

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