It's only a lentil field.

Some three thousand years ago a middle-eastern warrior took a stand against some foreign invaders. He was probably full of both fear and anger at what was taking place and these emotions lead to action on his part.

The story would be ripe for a Hollywood film script had he drawn the line at the gates of a great city or similar important location, but our would-be hero's choice seemed a little less glamorous.

In the midst of all the blood, sweat, and tears he realised he had been pushed too far when the invaders tried to take over his lentil field.

He stamped his feet in the middle of it, took out his sword, and prepared for battle, as if saying 'this far and no further'.

It seems that the rest of his kinsmen continued their escape and he was soon alone to fight off the enemy.

You could almost imagine the others shouting as they ran away 'but it's only a lentil field', inferring that it wasn't worth risking your life over.

I like to think that, if the warrior had time to reply, he might have told them 'Yes! But it is my lentil field'.

The end of this story delivers victory to our valiant hero and the supply of lentil soup continues in that region of Palestine. He knew that the battle wasn’t about lentils but about inheritance.

Sometimes we have to take a stand in the oddest places. Often others won't understand why. But we have to realise where the true value is in our lives.

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